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Game Info

2006 Roy Hobbs World Series

Game 1 Sunday, 10/22 vs. the Willow Lake Pirates, 18-0 win (7 innings) played at Lee County 2

Game Recap: We didn't know anything about this team so we didn't know what to expect going in.  Willow Lake is in South Dakota but the team is from somewhere in Ohio.  The manager is originally from Willow Lake and he just wanted to pay homage to his hometown by naming after it.  Kevin started on the hill and pitched seven shutout innings giving up only 5 hits and no runs along with eight strike outs and only one walk.  Willow Lake loaded the bases with two out in the second inning but Burnsy hung 'em out to dry when he struck out the number 10 hitter.  That was the only inning they even got a runner as far as second base.  We scored three in the first inning, one in the second, 2 in the fifth and 12 in the sixth to put it to an early end.  No-No Todd went 4 for 5 and scored three runs while driving in three, Germar, Powell and Rudy all had three hits and Gatzke was 1 for 3 with three RBI and three runs scored.  Eicher didn't get any hits but he did walk five times without ever swinging the bat.

Game 2 Sunday, 10/22 vs. the Chicago Giants, 9-3 loss Lee County 1

Game Recap:  We've played the Giants a few times in the past and I don't think we've ever beaten them.  It's not that they're that much better than us, we just don't seem to play very well against them.  They threw the same pitcher that beat us last year.  He has a pretty funky delivery, mixes up his pitches well and really seems to keep our guys off balance.  Matty started on the hill and was having a lot of trouble getting his breath in the heat and humidity.  They hit him pretty hard but we also had four errors that led to four runs throughout the course of the game.  We managed nine hits but we couldn't string many together.  Gingerich, Schaffer, Tatley & Gatzke has two hits each.  No-No Todd pitched the last four innings and gave up only one hit and one unearned run.

Game 3 Monday, 10/23 vs. the Dayton Tornadoes, 3-1 win City of Palms practice field

Game Recap:  Larry "Kiddo" Gessler and his son, Craig, were playing for the Tornadoes so it was nice to see them.  When the game started and we saw how they played I was pretty sure we would 10-run these guys but it didn't work out that way.  Their pitcher kept the ball away from our hitters pretty well and we only scored three runs on eight hits.  Dan Powell started on the hill and pitched seven strong innings giving up only one run on five hits before giving way to Burnsy who threw two more scoreless innings for the save.  Danny had two doubles and a single with two stolen bases.

Game 4 Tuesday, 10/24 vs. the Destin Dawgs, 11-0 win (7 innings) Lee County Stadium

Game Recap:  This was our first stadium game and was played at Lee County Stadium.  The Dawgs were 3 and 0 coming into the game but they had not played any tough teams yet.  I figured we would win pretty easily, and we did.  Kevin pitched another complete game shutout giving up just two hits, striking out six and walking only two.  Danny kept up his torrid hitting going 4 for 4 to bring his average up to .714.  Joel had three hits and three RBI and Tats added two more hits.  Everyone else in the lineup had at least one hit except No-No Todd.  We scored in every inning except the third and fifth.

Game 5 Thursday, 10/26 vs. the Utah Mets, 10-8 loss

Game Recap:  Rudy was the starting pitcher and did pretty well.  Unfortunately, we played pretty poor defense for him.  Nonetheless, Rudy got through five innings with a 6-6 tie.  No-No Todd relieved Rudy and gave up four runs on four hits while only retiring one batter.  We managed two more runs in the 8th inning but came up short in the end.  Danny was 2 for 3, Joel had two doubles in five plate appearances and Tats went 2 for 4.

Game 6 Friday, 10/27 vs. the Kodak Reds, 14-4 win City of Palms practice field

The Reds had been playing pretty well all week and were seeded three when we played them.  I think they really thought they were going to kick our asses but we started out by plating the first four batters of the game.  Burnsy got the start and promptly gave four runs back on six hits in the bottom of the first.   He settled down after that and only allowed three more hits the rest of the way.  The Millers put on a hitting clinic after that, pounding out 15 hits including three homeruns coming off the bats of Joel, Eicher and Powell.  Gingerich, Germar, Powell, Schaffer & Eicher each hit a double as well.

Game 7 Saturday, 10/ 28 vs. RS Walsh Landscaping, (10:00am start weather depending) 7-0 loss City of Palms practice field

It rained pretty heavy on Saturday morning but we were told to go to our field for the scheduled start.  It took the grounds crew quite a while to get the stadium playable before they even bothered to start on the practice field, however.  Therefore, we didn't actually start our game until 1:00pm. It really would have been nice to have been told there would be a delay before we even left for the field. The extra rest would have does us all good.  The Hobbs website and their notification policy really don't work that well.  That's something that this tournament needs to fix.

We've played this team before, and I don't think we've ever lost to them, but this was really a completely different team.   They had a total of 21 players and at least 10 of them were Latino.  That was completely new for them.  We were told that many of these guys played minor league ball and I believe it.  They were solid at all positions and they had a quality pitcher even though he didn't throw excetionally hard.  His fastball was very straight but he had a nice slider.   We were right in this game until the 8th inning even though we weren't hitting the ball very well.  We only managed 5 singles in the whole game and no one had more than one hit. We did have the bases loaded in the 8th but couldn't manage to get any runs across the plate.  Germar pitched well even though he gave up 7 runs (4 earned).  They scored 2 in the second and 1 in the third but then he held them down for quite a while while striking out 11.  What can I say - some days you're the bat and some days you're the ball.  On this day we were the ball and we got whacked pretty hard.