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2006 Las Vegas Trip
We wound up scheduling two double headers in Las Vegas.  Three of the teams were 28+ wood bat teams but the first team we played was an 18+ team that had some pretty good pitching.  All games were played at Eldorado High School in NE Las Vegas.  The field was in pretty good shape except there was no grass between the dugouts and the field due to water restrictions.  The outfield had also not been watered and it was quite brown and the batters boxes had pretty deep holes but overall the field was OK.

Game 1 (9 innings)
Saturday 2/18/06 Noon vs. Sandvipers 18+ 9-3 Loss
Game Recap:  The field was locked when we arrived and it didn't open up until nearly game time so we didn't get a chance to take any BP and we were quite obviously not in game shape yet.  By contrast, our opponents had already played 10 games on the season and they were much younger.  Burnsy was the starting pitcher and he pitched fine but we didn't help him much.  The first batter of the game hit a routine fly ball to right that got up into the 35 mph wind and carried out of the park and defensively we just didn't get to some balls that we would have during the summer.  We only got three hits and scored three runs but we still managed to stay close until Brian, pitching in relief, gave up a granny in the 7th to pretty much ice the game for our opponents.  The weather was cold and windy and by the end of the game I was really questioning my decision to play nine inning games.

Game 2 (9 innings)
Saturday 2/18/06 3:00pm vs. Sandvipers 28+ 9-2 Win 
Game Recap:  Several of the players from the first game also played on the 28+ version of this squad but, without their young guns, these guys couldn't get much done against the Millers and Len Manning.  Len had 12 strikeouts and added two hits on offense.  Eight hits and seven walks didn't hurt the Millers offensive output either.  It seemed like we finally shook the rust off and started playing baseball they way I knew we could.  The only runs the Sandvipers got were in the 9th inning off of reliever Dan Powell.  Even though everyone was really starting to tighten up physically the mood in the dugout was really loose and everyone was having a great time.  By the time we finished the game under the lights everyone was ready to find the nearest bar and tip a few back - and we did.  Overall, it was a pretty good first day.

Game 3 (7 innings)
Sunday 2/19/06 11:00am vs. Las Vegas Outlaws 16-7 Win
Game Recap:  We were all a little tired at the beginning of this game and not just because we played 18 innings on Saturday.  Most everyone went out on the town and had a number of drinks and lost a little money.  The one good thing is that John Abercrombie flew in on Saturday night so we had a fresh catcher and we abused that, making him catch 11 of the 14 innings we were to play on the day.  We weren't sure that we were even going to be able to play any ball on Sunday as it was raining the whole way to the park and throughout the first inning or two and it was only about 43° at game time.  The sun eventually poked through and it turned out to be a pretty decent day with the temp getting into the mid 50's with just a light breeze.  Getting 16 runs on 14 hits, 10 walks and three hit by pitches really helped perk everyone up and get them into the game.  Noonan started this game on the hill and did a very good job.  He gave up one run but then settled down and helped himself by fielding his position very well.  Abby went 3 for 3 with two walks.  I guess those fresh legs helped.

Game 4 (7 innings)
Sunday 2/19/06 2:00pm vs. Las Vegas Indians 4-3 Loss
Game Recap:  This was a tough game to lose.  This team didn't have much pitching but they did have good hitters and they played solid defense.  Matt was the starting pitcher for this game and he kept them pretty close but our defense was really hurting.  Arms were sore and legs were very tired. We were down 4-2 going into the bottom of the 7th and we loaded the bases with no outs.  Normally that would bode pretty well for us but Jay popped up on the infield for the first out without scoring a run.  Gaspipe then walked to force in a run but then Tats came up and hit a sharp one-hopper to the shortstop for a routine DP to end the game and the weekend.  Despite all of the pain, and losing a tough game at the end, the weekend, on the whole, was a huge success.