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Game Info

2010 Roy Hobbs World Series

Game 1 Sunday, 10/31 vs. Omaha Indians Lee County 3 2:00pm 14-4 Win

Game Recap:   The game started a little rough for Rudy who gave up a leadoff single to a guy who thought he was Manny Ramirez but played like Manny from the Pep Boys. He eventually scored and then Rudy gave up three more in the 4th but that was it for the game.  We scored three in the 3rd, three in the 4th and five in the 5th en route to an 8 inning win.  One bad thing was that Dan Steffen hurt his arm pitching and will not pitch the rest of the week.  Paulson, Carrell, Berf, Eicher and Perzel all had good days at the plate.  Paulson went 3-4 and scored thee times, Carrell was 4-6 with 4 RBI and also scored three times, Berf was 3-5 with 4 RBI and (say it with me) scored three times, Perzel was 2-3 with an RBI.

Game 2 Monday, 11/1 vs. the Tennessee Dirtbags Terry Park Stadium 2:00pm 9-5 Loss

Game Recap:  Mike Fier started and lost this game and deserved better than what he got.  He walked the first batter of the game and then gave up a couple of hits for the first run of the game but then gave up four in the second when the base ump blew a call at first that would have ended the inning with no runs.  The same ump blew another call at first later in the game that cost us another run as well.  This is also the game where our defense began to let us down but it was only a shadow of what was to come.  Carrell was 2-4, Berf was 3-4 with 3 RBI, Vern was 2-3 and Ohs was 2-4.

Game 3 Monday, 11/1 vs. the Pensacola Barracudas Terry Park 2 6:00pm 11-8 Win

Game Recap:  This was a strange game.  We began the game by sending 16 men to the plate and scoring 5 runs in the first two innings but then the skies opened up and play was suspended after one and a half innings.  We were originally scheduled to complete the game on Wednesday morning but, when more games were rained out on Tuesday morning we were asked to finish our game at 8:30 Tuesday night.  Of course, before we finished this game, we played our game with Washington then had a few hours to kill before resuming the game.  I'm not saying that any alcohol was consumed during this time period, but there is a strong possibility that it may have occurred.  This game is where our defense really went into the toilet.  No one could make a play and, before we knew it, our comfy 5-0 lead to start to night turned into an 8-8 tie with 7 unearned runs.  They were a god hitting team and and were aggressive on the bases but they were ready to pack it in when we extended the lead to 8-1.  Then we really helped them out by making an amazing number of errors and just bringing them back into the game.  Finally, as we headed toward an 11:10 curfew, we we pushed 3 runs across in the 8th and then Mike Carrell shut them down in the bottom of the inning and we escaped after nearly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Carrell was 2-4 with the game winning hit, Fish was 2-5, Vern was 1-2 with a couple of walks while Sheen (AKA Kevin Mueller) had three walks including a big one in the 8th while trying to bunt a runner over.

Game 4 Tuesday, 11/2 vs. the Washington Monuments Lee County 2  2:00pm 17-8 Win

Game Recap:  We played this team in 2009 and beat them 13-1 so I wasn't too worried about winning this one.  Perzel started and pitched well giving up just one run in the first and another in the 4th before giving way to Vern.  We were up 12-2 when Vern came in but we promptly committed three errors and gave them six runs in the 5th to make it a bit uncomfortable.  We then added five more runs while Vern pitched two scoreless, and much less exciting, innings before Mike Carrell pitched the last two innings.  Vern scored two runs and drove in one, Carrell scored three and drove in two, Berf hit a granny in the 2nd, Ohs was 2-3 and Fish and Rudy both went 2-5 while Eicher walked four time and got hit by a pitch.  I guess they didn't like him.

Game 5 Friday, 11/5 vs. the Baltimore Red Sox PDC 1 10:00am 8-1 Win

Game Recap:  We were scheduled to play a game at Lee County Stadium on Thursday morning but rain overnight Wednesday and all day Thursday washed out all the games so we never really got a stadium game this year.  That sucked.  I don't consider Terry Park to be a "real" stadium.  The field is not in very good shape and it doesn't have much of a stadium feel anymore since they knocked down most of the seating.  Oh well...

This was a pretty good game for us.  Fierlo pitched and went all nine innings giving up only three hits and one earned run.  Carrell had two hits and a stolen base, Berf had two hits including a laser solo shot down the left field line that probably didn't get more than 15 feet off the ground and cleared the fence in a heartbeat. Steff had two more hits as did Perzel and Kent who also had two RBI along with Berf and MC.  Fierlo was the story of this game, however.  He had six punch outs and only two walks and no one looked comfortable in the batters box against him.  We also played good defense committing just one error.  That was good to see after the last couple of games.

Game 6 Friday, 11/5 vs. the Ohio Indians PDC 1 2:00pm 6-3 Loss

Game Recap:  This game was depressing.  The Indians went on to win mone more game before losing the AA championship game but they just weren't that good a team.  Perzel pitched all eight innings and looked good the whole way.  He gave up only four earned runs while striking out five and walking two but he gave in on two pitches to the same #10 hitter.  This guys looked terrible in his first AB against Joe but his second time up Joe had him looking terrible and way late on two fastballs to get to a 1-2 count. Then, instead of throwing the deuce like he did in the guy's first AB Joe cocked him a BP fastball that the guy dropped into rightfield.  Then, in the bottom of the 8th inning with two outs and the bases juiced Joe again had the guy looking feeble to get to
0-2.  Doug Ohs called for the deuce again but Joe out-thought himself and shook Doug off and went back to the fastball and left it right over the plate and the guy hit it into the gap in left-center to knock in two runs and take a 4-3 lead.  The next batter hit a routine fly to center that MC just flat out dropped allowing another run to score before one more hit knocked in the last of their 6 runs.  We went down with three groundouts in the top of the 9th to end the week.  What looked so promising in the 8th turned very quickly sour.

It wasn't only Joe's fault that we lost this game, however.  He really did pitch quite well with the exception of that one pitch and we just didn't hit a very mediocre pitcher.  Berf was our only player with multiple hits in the game and we hit a lot of routine groundballs for outs.  I don't know if their pitcher did a good job or if our hitters were just out of gas by that time.  Oh well, we had a good time and went 4-2 for the third straight year.  At least we won a playoff game this year.