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2012 Roy Hobbs World Series

Game 1 Sunday, 10/21 vs. RusStar Terry Park 4 7-6 Win in a shootout

Game Recap:   This game was a tough one. For two years in a row now the Russians have been really tough. They got rid of Bill Lee this year and it seemed like Russians except for the pitcher who was from Iowa. He threw hard and pitched all 12 innings of this game. Rudy was having problems with his landing spot and they hit him hard in the first inning. Five of the first six batters scored and it looked like it might be a blowout. He rallied, however, and didn't give up any more runs in his three innings of work. On the offensive side we just kept chipping away scoring two in the 3rd, and one each in the 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th. Carrell, Vandy and Mac all had two hits but the real star of the day was John Tatley. He went 5-6 with 2 RBI including the game winner and a stolen base. Not bad for a guy that only decided to come down here about a week ago. Mike Carrell came on to pitch the 9th-12th innings and didn't allow a hit while striking out 8 after walking the first three batters he faced.

Game 2 Sunday, 10/21 vs. GripShield Hammerheads Terry Park 3 2:00pm 10-7 Win

Game Recap:  We were hoping for an easy game right after playing 12 innings but it wasn't as easy as we hoped. This team features Dante Bichette, the former big leaguer who hit 274 home runs while batting .299 in a 13 year career. He played short and pitched against us and got a single and a double. He did hit one pretty deep in the 8th but Rudy made a rumbling, bumbling, stumbling catch to get him. Carrell pitched the first two innings as he was still warm from the first game and then Dan Steffen and Vern Radewald combined in two really gutty performances to keep us in the game and eat up some innings. I can't say enough about how well everyone, including Kent who I didn't mention in the first game, pitched on Sunday. Actually every game so far but I'll get into those later. We sent 13 guys to the plate and scored 9 of them in the first and we thought the route was on. Little did we know we would only score one additional run in the 7th. Rudy went 3-4, Gatzke was 2-3, Carrell was 2-5 and most everyone got at lease one hit as we managed to hold them off with Steff getting the win. It was a great day to celebrate with a few cold ones at Pott's.

Game 3 Monday, 10/22 vs. Kenmore Orioles JetBlue Stadium 7-2 Win

Game Recap:  We ran into a guy from this team on Sunday and he was all bummed that they had to play us. He said that we kill them every time we play them. Well, we didn't kill them. In fact, it was a pretty close game and they had their chances. They got two unearned runs in the 1st and Joe Perzel kept getting the outs when he needed them. Joe threw a great game going 8 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks and 5 K's. The highlight of the day was bringing Doug Ohs in to pitch the 9th. I think it's the first time that he's ever pitched and he did a great job. We decided he's a reliever and not a starter because he can't throw a strike from the windup. He walked the first batter then got a come backer that he turned into a double play, walked the next batter then got a ground out to first base to end the game. I hope he really enjoyed his first time on the hill. He might get to try again later this week! Doug was also 2-2 at the plate, Vandy was 2-4 and Gatzke and Rogers each went 1-2 with an RBI in the 9 hole. JetBlue stadium was really nice. The quirks of the wall are kind of intimidating but I sure hope we get to play there again. If you're not familliar with it, it's a Fenway replica to get Sox players accoustomed to playing the odd angles. I highly recommend checking it out online. The view from the top of the Green Monster was spectacular. It would be a great place to sit and watch a game.

Game 4 Tuesday, 10/23 vs. Los Amigos City of Palms Stadium 4-3 Win

Game Recap:  Wow! What a game! We knew this team was going to be tough. It's a bunch of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans from NYC and they're good. Maybe a little too cocky, though. They were 3-0 coming into our game and I think they thought they would roll right over us like they had in their other games. We went single, double, single, single in the top of the first and I think that got their attention. Carrell's double was a line drive about a foot from going over the wall and we hit plenty of balls hard all day. The first batter in the bottom of the first took Rudy's second pitch WAY over the wall in left and suddenly they were back in the game and loud and boisterous. A typical, macho Latino team. The second time through the order the leadoff hitter hit a 2 run bomb off of one of the sings in left to tie the game at three and that's the way it stayed until the 8th when Carrell reach on an error then scored on a double by Ohs after they intentionally walked Mac. I guess that move backfired. Ohs was 3-3 after hitting for Rudy who pulled a hammy early in the game. Doug's first hit was so hard it went off of the third baseman's left elbow before he could get his glove up, and that was the guy that hit the two bombs! They were all very nice after the game and said they hoped we see them in the championship game. I think we gained their respect when it was all over. It was a really good game with both pitchers going the distance. Rudy did a great job and saved us some innings and probably a few arms. I'm not sure he can comb his hair today, though. Which, for him, is a major problem! Vern went 2-5 with a double and Carrell was 2-4 with 2 doubles. One scary note was the home plate ump left the game twice with heat issues. The second time we told him to just sit in the trainers room and relax and we finished the last inning and a half with just one ump. I haven't heard how he's doing today.

Our pitching has been outstanding so far. Maybe not dominant but gritty and gutty and getting us through some tough situations. The defense has also been pretty good. Much better than we were in the fall.

Game 5 Thursday, 10/25 vs. the Chicago Woodpeckers Lee County 1 8-3 Loss

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Game 6 Friday, 10/26 vs. One-Six Sports JetBlue 3 18-9 Win

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Game 7 Friday, 10/26 vs. the Chicago Woodpeckers JetBlue 3 16-9 Loss

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